Z10 Product       DATASHEET

Combined Heat & Power (CHP)
solar generator based
on High Concentrated Photovoltaic (HCPV)

How it works
Z10 features one 12m² collector, mounted on a dual axis tracker that concentrates incoming solar power onto a receiver. The receiver consists of a multi junction PV coupled to heat exchanger that converts concentrated solar flux into electrical power (A) and thermal power (B).
(A) DC electrical power from the PV cells is converted to AC power and fed to the grid.
(B) Thermal energy is pumped through a closed loop system to the various users and applications such as:
●Municipalities and district heating
●Hotels, Hospitals and resorts
●Industrial process heat: ideal for textile, food and pharmaceutical industry
●Thermal energy cooling can be converted into cooling or desalination and brackish water purification

●Combined Heat and Power (CHP) generation
●State-of-the-art high efficiency Multi-junction PV cells
●Industry highest combined efficiency of >72%
●Shortest possible return on investment
●Reliable operation, easy installation and servicing
●Most suitable for hot climates
●Modular installations
●System design for easy upgrade - Multi-junction PV is the most progressing solar technology
●Environmentally friendly, 99% recyclable by weight
●Packaged equipment, minimizing balance-of-system cost
●Designed for 20 year service, constructed from highly durable materials
●Dual axis high precision tracking mechanism with zero backlash
●Engineered high efficiency multi-channel heat exchanger
●Required minimal area, only 25m² for a single Z10 unit, 8kWp combined output (<3m²/kWp)